Stranger Things 4 review

Stranger Things is the best its ever been in season 4. The stakes have never felt higher, the character development is phenomenal, for both old and new characters, along with how important and pivotal each of them feel to different parts of the story, the acting is fantastic, and it includes the best villain the series has ever had. From top to bottom, it’s hard … Continue reading Stranger Things 4 review

The Book of Boba Fett season 1 review

The series had its moments of wonder fans of Star Wars have come to expect from this universe, but I found myself being, at times, uninterested when the series focused on Boba Fett and his story. Maybe the legendary bounty hunter was a better character when he was mostly a mystery. I don’t hate the most recent Disney Star Wars trilogy compared to most people. … Continue reading The Book of Boba Fett season 1 review

Squid Game season 1 review (2021)

Squid Game feels surprisingly fresh and original, despite being inspired by various themes. Although predictable at times, it’s an immensely tense watch, delivering moments of suspense, and ultimately elevated by incredible performances. I finally hopped on the train due to the massive amount of hype the Netflix original, Squid Game was receiving. For weeks, even months now, social media was going bananas about this series … Continue reading Squid Game season 1 review (2021)

Loki season 1 review (2021)

Marvel’s Loki is not only a great character piece for one of the greatest Marvel Cinematic Universe villains ever, but it’s also a mind-blowing, stage-setting epic that promises something devastatingly drastic is about to happen to the superhero universe we’ve grown to love over the last 13 years. Marvel Studios has been on an absolute tear in 2021 with its MCU content so far. About … Continue reading Loki season 1 review (2021)

Invincible season 1 review (2021)

Invincible may very well be one of the best comic book adaptations I’ve ever seen and it’s only just beginning of its potential. The writing is phenomenal, the characters are developed properly, and the action scenes are insanely gory and entertaining to watch. So, I’m a bit late to the party. I wholeheartedly wanted to see Invincible back when it first released in April. Of … Continue reading Invincible season 1 review (2021)

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series review (2021)

I didn’t buy into every storyline and many questions were left unanswered due to its length. But, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has great fight scenes, impressive special effects for a TV series, and memorable character moments that ultimately make the series worthwhile. Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe is mostly known for its big budget feature films (unless you count Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and … Continue reading The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series review (2021)

Kingdom series review (2014-2017)

Kingdom is arguably the best piece of entertainment that happens to be about MMA, even though there are many other layers to it that are just as enjoyable and watchable. As a huge fan of MMA for many years, I’ve known about Kingdom for quite some time now. Unfortunately, I never got around to watching it partly because it was exclusively on DirecTV. However, with … Continue reading Kingdom series review (2014-2017)

Dream cast for The Last of Us TV series

I’ve always dreamed of some sort of film or series adaptation of The Last of Us and now, it’s a reality. Here’s my dream cast for most of the characters and roles. Without a doubt, The Last of Us is one of the greatest stories ever told in gaming history. I’ve been waiting for the sequel since the ending of the first game an although … Continue reading Dream cast for The Last of Us TV series

Hunters season 1 review

Al Pacino and Logan Lerman shine in a series that gets off to a fantastic start and, for the most part, stays an entertaining watch. But, it does struggle to maintain the occasional highs with some low points. From the moment I heard about Hunters, I was immediately intrigued for a variety of reasons. For one, Jordan Peele is an executive producer, and he’s on … Continue reading Hunters season 1 review