The Way Back movie review (2020)

Director Gavin O’Connor delivers yet another chilling sports drama with The Way Back, which is a career best performance for Ben Affleck. The coronavirus global pandemic sort of kept me from seeing this when I wanted too, but thanks to it releasing On Demand, I was finally able to watch Gavin O’Connor’s latest film, The Way Back. I’ve always thought he was a phenomenal director … Continue reading The Way Back movie review (2020)

Call of Duty: Warzone review (2020)

The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Royale mode, Warzone, borrows quite a bit from successful past games in the genre. But, it mixes it well with its own style, making it feel more like Call of Duty. After many weeks of speculation and the game mode itself being shrouded in mystery hints by the developer itself, Call of Duty: Warzone is officially here … Continue reading Call of Duty: Warzone review (2020)

Onward movie review (2020)

Onward slightly lacks some of the magic Pixar usually brings, but it’s beautifully animated and it tells a touching story about family that everyone will enjoy. Pixar continues to roll with these original stories and as a fan for so many years, I can’t really complain since, at this point, the company can virtually do no wrong. There have been some slight disappointments throughout the … Continue reading Onward movie review (2020)

Dream cast for The Last of Us TV series

I’ve always dreamed of some sort of film or series adaptation of The Last of Us and now, it’s a reality. Here’s my dream cast for most of the characters and roles. Without a doubt, The Last of Us is one of the greatest stories ever told in gaming history. I’ve been waiting for the sequel since the ending of the first game an although … Continue reading Dream cast for The Last of Us TV series

Final Fantasy VII Remake: First Impressions

The new Final Fantasy VII Remake demo proves it stacks up to the original in more ways than one and, in fact, benefits from a new engine and style of gameplay. I was pleasantly surprised Square Enix decided to release a demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake. I’m not entirely sure if that was always in the plans and it was already announced, but I … Continue reading Final Fantasy VII Remake: First Impressions

The Invisible Man movie review (2020)

The Invisible Man is a fantastically crafted horror-thriller that inflicts anxiety and paranoia from the very beginning while also touching on a very important message. I’ve been looking forward to The Invisible Man since I first heard about it. Obviously, this remake was supposed to be part of Warner Bros’ Dark Universe, but after the poor reception for Tom Cruise’s The Mummy reboot, it seems … Continue reading The Invisible Man movie review (2020)

Hunters season 1 review

Al Pacino and Logan Lerman shine in a series that gets off to a fantastic start and, for the most part, stays an entertaining watch. But, it does struggle to maintain the occasional highs with some low points. From the moment I heard about Hunters, I was immediately intrigued for a variety of reasons. For one, Jordan Peele is an executive producer, and he’s on … Continue reading Hunters season 1 review

Top 10 best video game movies

Most video game movies are pretty bad, but it seems a shift for the better is happening. These are my top 10 best video game movies. It’s no secret that video game movie adaptations, for the most part, have ranged from average, to terrible. But, in recent years, it seems these films are taking a turn for the better, which is great to see. I … Continue reading Top 10 best video game movies


Sonic the Hedgehog movie review (2020)

Sonic the Hedgehog is much better than I ever expected it to be, delivering lots of laughs, solid action sequences mixed with great special effects, and many heartfelt moments, even if it is a bit short, cheesy, and childlike at times. I’ve been a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog for as long as I can remember, and that’s obviously because of the video game series … Continue reading Sonic the Hedgehog movie review (2020)