Hogwarts Legacy review (2023)

Despite some repetitive side missions and the usual tedious tropes of massive open world RPGs, Hogwarts Legacy is an impressive achievement, fully realizing the world of Hogwarts in a way the books or film universe never really did. Although they still deliver magic in their own medium, this game takes it to the next level. I’m surprised it took this long for a game developer … Continue reading Hogwarts Legacy review (2023)

Dead Space remake review (2023)

Motive Studio managed to remake Dead Space for a new era and made it incredibly faithful to the original. It still delivers a stellar gameplay experience, intense and a horror-driven tone, and a memorable, thought-provoking story with well-developed and mysterious characters. The only difference is how much better it looks and how much more freedom the player has to move around. (For this review, I … Continue reading Dead Space remake review (2023)

The Super Mario Bros. Movie review (2023)

The story is a bit silly and generic, but The Super Mario Bros. Movie beautifully and faithfully adapts the video games with visually breathtaking animation that looks like the games, incorporates game-accurate platforming, action, and items, and most of the performances do justice to the beloved characters. Say what you will about video game film/series adaptations as of late, but there was something different about … Continue reading The Super Mario Bros. Movie review (2023)

The Last of Us season 1 review (2023)

Not every moment hits as well as the game, but HBO’s adaptation of the critically acclaimed The Last of Us is, for the majority of it, incredibly faithful to the source material, while also incorporating new elements and expanded storylines to make the viewing experience almost as enjoyable and memorable as playing the game. I remember when I played through The Last of Us in … Continue reading The Last of Us season 1 review (2023)

Hi-Fi Rush review (2023)

Hi-Fi Rush is one of the biggest surprises of the year. Although shorter than expected, it offers a unique take on the rhythm-action game genre. It delivers vibrant and colorful visuals, insanely chaotic, but tight and fun combat, and entertaining characters with bright personalities. From the moment I saw the announcement for Hi-Fi Rush, I knew I wanted to play this game. The art-style was … Continue reading Hi-Fi Rush review (2023)

Stray game review (2022)

Although shorter than it should be and not taking full advantage of its potential, even then, Stray has completely surpassed my expectations with its heartfelt story, charming and interesting characters, engaging and thought-provoking gameplay, and an atmospheric, visually mesmerizing world I was sad to leave behind. So far, Stray is my game of the year. I think collectively, as a fanbase, everyone who saw the … Continue reading Stray game review (2022)

Pokemon Legends: Arceus game review (2022)

Although the Hisui region can sometimes feel a bit empty, the gameplay gets a bit redundant after awhile, and the game can have its performance issues from time to time, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a brave and refreshing direction for this series. It bolds well for the future and where it can go thanks to the freedom it gives you and it introduces a way … Continue reading Pokemon Legends: Arceus game review (2022)