Top 10 games of 2020

2020 has been an incredibly interesting year, to say the least, in a variety of ways. One constant, however, regardless of the year, is the quality experiences being delivered from the gaming industry. Here are my 10 favorite ones of the year. Whatever you’ve been through this year, I’m sure most have faced some challenges due to the current circumstances. COVID-19, for many, has caused … Continue reading Top 10 games of 2020

5 best games from the PS5 event

Sony didn’t hold anything back during the PS5 reveal event. There were plenty of games shown that I’m really interested in, but these were my five favorite ones. At long last, the PS5 has officially been revealed and in my opinion, the future of the console seems bright based on what was shown during the presentation. What I enjoyed and was impressed by the most … Continue reading 5 best games from the PS5 event