Turning Red film review (2022)

Turning Red is one of Disney-Pixar’s most imaginative and original film in years, both in its animation and its story. It’s clever in how it showcases the different stages and transitions a young, teenage girl can go through and it does so unapologetically, which in turn, makes for an incredibly charming, heartfelt, and hilarious watch. It also emphasizes the importance of friendship, the pressure of … Continue reading Turning Red film review (2022)

Onward movie review (2020)

Onward slightly lacks some of the magic Pixar usually brings, but it’s beautifully animated and it tells a touching story about family that everyone will enjoy. Pixar continues to roll with these original stories and as a fan for so many years, I can’t really complain since, at this point, the company can virtually do no wrong. There have been some slight disappointments throughout the … Continue reading Onward movie review (2020)