Creed III review (2023)

Creed III is sometimes jarring with its pacing and transitions, and the lack of Rocky’s presence is felt at times. But, it still manages to stand on its own as yet another fantastic entry into this iconic film universe with expertly filmed and series’ best fighting sequences, an emotionally personal story, memorable performances, and an incredibly engaging dynamic between Adonis Creed and his former friend … Continue reading Creed III review (2023)

Without Remorse movie review (2021)

Michael B. Jordan’s latest action thriller is rarely interesting, laughably predictable, and overall underwhelming. There are some decent character moments from the lead and some exciting action, but they can’t save this otherwise boring effort. I truthfully believe Michael B. Jordan is an incredibly gifted performer. He’s phenomenal in Fruitvale Station, both Creed films, Black Panther, and Just Mercy. The best part is, he’s only … Continue reading Without Remorse movie review (2021)