WandaVision series review (2021)

WandaVision is the most personal, creative, original, and unique piece of content the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever produced. It starts off a bit weird, but sticking with it till the end is incredibly rewarding. Due to 2020, the lack of Marvel content for an entire year really took a toll on me and I believe I speak for most of the fanbase. I guess … Continue reading WandaVision series review (2021)

Is Morbius connected to the MCU?

As completely unnecessary as this film may be, it seems Sony may be on to something if all the rumors and speculation about its Marvel Cinematic Universe connections come to fruition. Well, the Morbius trailer starring Jared Leto dropped on Monday and I have a lot of thoughts. On the first viewing, I wasn’t a big fan. In fact, I thought it was pretty bad. … Continue reading Is Morbius connected to the MCU?