The Super Mario Bros. Movie review (2023)

The story is a bit silly and generic, but The Super Mario Bros. Movie beautifully and faithfully adapts the video games with visually breathtaking animation that looks like the games, incorporates game-accurate platforming, action, and items, and most of the performances do justice to the beloved characters. Say what you will about video game film/series adaptations as of late, but there was something different about … Continue reading The Super Mario Bros. Movie review (2023)

10 things I want from Nintendo in 2022

If things go right, Nintendo could have an enormous 2022. Here are 10 things I would love to see from the company, some which are all but confirmed, while others being bold hopes and predictions. It’s safe to say Nintendo’s best year for the Switch was its launch year back in 2017. It’s hard to compete with a year where The Legend of Zelda: Breath … Continue reading 10 things I want from Nintendo in 2022

Bowser’s Fury game review (2021)

The latest Mario expansion, which is bundled up with the Super Mario 3D World re-release on the Nintendo Switch, Bowser’s Fury, is actually insanely fun while it lasts. It does become a bit repetitive after awhile, it’s short, and Bowser becomes less and less interesting. Back during the Wii U days, I absolutely loved playing through Super Mario 3D World. I mean, it wasn’t the … Continue reading Bowser’s Fury game review (2021)