End of Sentence movie review (2020)

End of Sentence is a father and son drama which, at first, seems slow in pacing and sometimes feels like there isn’t a clear direction. But, it eventually pays off with a plot revelation that makes it all worthwhile. Prior to watching End of Sentence, there were plenty of rave reviews surrounding it, which is why it peaked my interest. Plus, I’ve been a big … Continue reading End of Sentence movie review (2020)

Hunters season 1 review

Al Pacino and Logan Lerman shine in a series that gets off to a fantastic start and, for the most part, stays an entertaining watch. But, it does struggle to maintain the occasional highs with some low points. From the moment I heard about Hunters, I was immediately intrigued for a variety of reasons. For one, Jordan Peele is an executive producer, and he’s on … Continue reading Hunters season 1 review