Encanto film review (2021)

Disney’s latest animated feature, Encanto, is rich with Latino representation. The animation is simply stunning, but what tugs at your heartstrings is the message it sends about the importance of family and accepting someone for who they are. Disney’s Encanto is finally here, and it’s one I’ve been looking forward to for awhile now, especially as a Latino-American. The studio’s first release in 2021, Raya … Continue reading Encanto film review (2021)

tick, tick… BOOM! film review (2021)

In a tribute to the late, great Jonathan Larson, Lin-Manuel Miranda crafts a touching tribute to a man who, although obsessive and reckless, had a true passion for musical theatre. Andrew Garfield’s performance is fantastic and his singing voice was a huge surprise, helping elevate most of the musical numbers. 2021 has been an absolutely massive year for Lin-Manuel Miranda. His first Broadway hit, In … Continue reading tick, tick… BOOM! film review (2021)

In the Heights film review (2021)

As of now, In the Heights is the film of the summer, maybe even of the year. It’s a beautiful and relatable story about a neighborhood that’s more like one big, happy family, brought to life by incredible performances and some of the best musical numbers I’ve ever seen in any musical ever. In a perfect world, we were supposed to see In the Heights … Continue reading In the Heights film review (2021)