Best films of 2021

2021 was a vast improvement, as a whole, for the film industry compared to 2020. I haven’t been able to watch all the ones I’ve wanted to see, but here’s my list for the best movies I have seen this year. I’m obviously a bit late on this list. Not only did my personal life get in the way, but I genuinely wanted to try … Continue reading Best films of 2021

King Richard film review (2021)

King Richard is one of the most uplifting and entertaining films of the year. Will Smith’s performance as Richard Williams is his best in years, while Aunjanue Ellis is a revelation. Most importantly, it teaches the important lesson of speaking positivity and inspiring your children to reach great heights. He’s done quite a few duds throughout his career, but I can’t help it. I’m always … Continue reading King Richard film review (2021)