Fast X review (2023)

Fast X is yet another example of how utterly ridiculous this franchise has gotten. This latest installment continues to abandon any sense of realism. Sure, it could be entertaining at times and be some sort of a mental escape from reality, but it’s hard to take any of it seriously with the outlandish effects and action sequences, childlike and corny dialogue/writing, and the lack of … Continue reading Fast X review (2023)

The Old Guard movie review (2020)

Netflix’s latest action flick, The Old Guard, blends solid action with an interesting premise and good characters. It also shows a ton of potential for future entries in this series. In a year plagued with very little film releases, I’m doing the best I can to watch any movie that is available. Netflix’s latest original, The Old Guard, was one I had on my radar … Continue reading The Old Guard movie review (2020)