5 predictions for the PS5 event

With the PlayStation 5 event officially happening on Thursday, June 11, here are my five predictions on what we might see for the event.

The PS5 event was originally supposed to happen last Thursday, but was postponed to June 11 in support of the protests and the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, the event is officially a go for tomorrow and I’m very excited to see what the next generation of PlayStation is going to look like. I have a general idea of what’s going to be discussed and shown, such as a first look at the PS5 console itself, along with how it’ll run and other features. However, I’m expecting a few surprises. Let’s start with my predictions, which may be pretty standard, but I may throw in some things that are unlikely, but not completely out of the question.

5. All things PS5

The focal point of this presentation will, without a doubt, be about the PS5. The only thing we know about the PS5 are the specs, some details about PS4 compatibility, which seems a bit all over the place and unclear at the moment, and the new controller, the DualSense. Other than that, the details are on the PS5 have been very scarce. There’s no idea what the design will look like, how the menu interface will be managed, and so on. But, that’ll all be revealed tomorrow, I’m sure. As mentioned already, it’ll be the highlight of the presentation. All I’m hoping for is a reasonable price tag and some more details that’ll push me to purchase it at launch.

4. Some PS4 news

It’s evident the PS4’s life cycle is coming to an end soon enough, but the question is when? There’s still a few months left and with The Last of Us Part II dropping next week, along with Ghost of Tsushima in July, I have a feeling Sony may still have some things up its sleeve for this generation. I’m not sure what exactly, though. It could be new games, some new features for its users to celebrate the end of the PS4 era, and so on. The console may even obtain more support than expected even after the PS5 launch, so it’s all a waiting game at this point. But, I do feel the PS4 still has a bit left in the tank for these last few months and maybe even after that.

3. Details on PS5 backwards compatibility

As of right now, the PS5 backwards compatibility seems a bit all over the place and there doesn’t seem to be a clear direction. During the PS5 system specs deep dive, Mark Cerny discussed the feature, saying the top 100 PS4 games will be playable on the PS5 at launch. Then, Hideaki Nishino sort of backtracked on this statement, saying he hopes eventually, all PS4 games will be playable at launch. They even say the whole list of 100 games may not even be playable at launch. Right now, it just seems confusing. As a fan, I don’t really understand how it can be so hard to implement backwards compatibility in the first place. Of course, I may be ignorant to the fact since I’m no gaming engineer and I don’t truly understand the deeper concepts of developing a console. But, it can’t be that hard, right? Plus, other than PS4 games, I think it’s also important to go beyond that and include PS3, PS2, and PS1 titles since I’m sure the fans would love to revisit these games. Even if it’s digitally, we want more of these games. There are some on the PS4 right now, but there aren’t many to choose from.

2. Potential sequels?

The PS4 had a handful of fantastic games to play, especially the last couple of years. To name a few, there’s Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Persona 5, Spider-Man, and Bloodborne. Many of these games ended in a way where the story can be continued. I’m not expecting a new Persona any time soon, but I can definitely see announcements and/or teasers of upcoming sequels for any of the other games, especially Horizon, which has already been hinted at, along with another God of War and another Spider-Man. I would love to see another Bloodborne game as well. PlayStation also has a bunch of other great IP’s it hasn’t revisited in quite some time that I would love to see revamped for the new generation. For example, there’s Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper, and Crash Bandicoot are all games I would love to see sequels of. The chances aren’t very high, but a man can dream, right?

1. New games/ IP’s

I think the most important aspect to draw fans to the PS5 is new games. Returning exclusives is fine, but at the same time, fans want something entirely new as well. I know Godfall is in the works for the PS5, which looks interesting, but there needs to be more. So far, I know the writer of Dead Space, Antony Johnston, has confirmed a big reveal at the event, so long time fans of that series may have something to anticipate. Then there’s also the other games coming out later this year, such as Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, the new Call of Duty, etc. Despite all the good already confirmed, I think there are some big surprises in store in terms of new games and I’m looking forward to see how the PS5 will set itself apart from the rest.


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