Is Morbius connected to the MCU?

As completely unnecessary as this film may be, it seems Sony may be on to something if all the rumors and speculation about its Marvel Cinematic Universe connections come to fruition.

Well, the Morbius trailer starring Jared Leto dropped on Monday and I have a lot of thoughts. On the first viewing, I wasn’t a big fan. In fact, I thought it was pretty bad. I’m not sure what it is, but it seems Sony’s cinematography and production value, at least with its superhero projects, is pretty bad. Then, I decided to give it another chance after hearing some people praise it. On the second viewing, I’m still not all that convinced, but it definitely has some potential.

Leto hasn’t been doing so hot lately, at least when it comes to superhero roles. His Joker portrayal in the atrocious Suicide Squad was an absolute travesty and it’s no secret as to why Warner Bros. and the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) decided to move on without him and try a different approach, which obviously paid off with Joker. But, I’m not willing to count him out just yet. He is an Oscar winner after all and has shown shades of greatness many times before. His career shouldn’t be defined because of one bad performance. Most of the greats have done the same.

Morbius could be a surprise, which I’m hoping for. But, when speaking about its potential, I’m more intrigued about the grander scheme of things. Yes, I do want it to be a good film, but what does it mean for the rest of this cinematic universe? Sony seems hellbent on creating its own Spiderverse and, in reality, it could work. I mean, have you seen Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse? It’s absolutely phenomenal. Venom was more of a misfire, but the sequel looks pretty promising, especially with Andy Serkis at the helm.

With all the potentially good storylines coming in the future, there seems to be one key missing factor: Spider-Man. If you remember last year, shortly after Spider-Man: Far From Home’s release, a report came out stating Disney couldn’t reach a deal with Sony on the character, so Spider-Man was no longer part of the MCU. Obviously, that didn’t last long since Spidey is, indeed, back, and the sequel to Far From Home is slated to release in 2021.

However, Sony is perfectly content with creating a Spiderverse without Spider-Man, apparently, Or, so we thought. If any of the hints in this trailer mean anything, it means Morbius, and possibly any other Sony films to come after it, are connected to the MCU. First of all, there’s a scene where Michael Morbius is walking past a Spider-Man poster with the word “Murderer” written on it.

If you remember, in one of the post-credits scenes for Far From Home, you see Mysterio reveal Spider-Man’s true identity and trick everyone into thinking Peter Parker killed him. Could that poster mean the people of New York think the MCU’s Spider-Man is a murderer? It’s definitely possible. But, what’s weird is the poster looks like Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man suit. I’m thinking Sony doesn’t have the rights to use MCU’s Spider-Man because of Disney. But, doesn’t Sony have the rights to the character in the first place? It’s all very strange.

This is not the only connection, though. In fact, the next connection is the most surprising. At the end of the trailer, you see Michael Keaton’s Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming. What does this all really mean? Well, no one is entirely sure just yet.

As a fan, I do hope Morbius somehow connects to the MCU and finally, we can put all of this Sony/Disney Spider-Man rights fiasco behind us. If you ask me, I think it’s building up to the Sinister Six, which is awesome. But, only time will tell.


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